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Green Cocktails
Green Cocktails

Whether you’re saving the planet or just plain envious, there are plenty of green cocktails to go around. Some are naturally green because of the ingredients, such as the popular Green Tea Shot recipe. But others are… supernaturally enhanced. That’s right, Green Beer. We’re looking at you. And just in case you were wondering why there are a lot of melon liqueur cocktail recipes, we have the answer. Melon liqueur is delicious and vibrant, and you’ll also see it as Midori, which means “green” in Japanese. But no matter your favorites, Tipsy Bartender is going green. So sit down, strap in, and toast to your favorite green alcoholic drinks!


St Patrick’s Day is coming up! What should I make?

Yes, yes, homeboy. We’re sure that green cocktails are why you’re here. St Patrick’s Day drinks are on the table, and we’re here to help you serve up some serious green alcoholic drinks. Green Beer is an essential part of St Patty’s Day drinking, and the best part is that all you need is light beer and green food coloring. It’s probably one of the easiest yet most festive St Patrick’s Day drinks you can make. But if that’s not Irish enough for you, peep our Green Fairy recipe. This absinthe, melon liqueur, and peach schnapps makes for a mean, green cocktail shot. And who dinnae like to party with the fae?


But what if I just really like green?

Here at Tipsy Bartender, we don’t kinkshame. So whatever you like is your business, homeboy. But whether you’re celebrating some other green holiday like Earth Day or you’re throwing your level 7 vegan friend a green-themed party, we have your green cocktail recipes covered. An all-time favorite is our Green Tea Shot recipe. This green cocktail shot is au naturale and features Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, sweet & sour, and lemon-lime soda. It’s the perfect green alcoholic drink for when you’re not trying to get too wasted, but it’s also just really delicious. But if that’s not your jam, we encourage you to take a peek at the rest of the list.


Midori Sour

The Midori Sour is an amazing green vodka cocktail everybody should try at least once in their lives, 'cause it's awesome.


Green Tea Shot

Go green with this Irish whiskey shot! Even though this Green Tea Shot doesn't actually contain green tea, it still somehow tastes as if it does.


Tokyo Iced Tea

This delicious cocktail recipe is a vibrant twist on the popular long island drink. It’s your classic long island ingredients with the addition of melon liqueur and lemon-lime soda instead of cola.


Grasshopper Milkshake


How To Make Green Beer

Green beer is so perfect for so many occasions that you should definitely know how to make your own.


The Melon Ball


West Virginia Swamp Water


Apple Cîroc Candy Bowl

Say hello to the Apple Ciroc Candy Bowl, sweet tooths!


Frozen Melon Margarita

This Frozen Melon Margarita is one of the craziest, tastiest melon cocktails out there.


Green Fairy #2

The Green Fairy Shot is one of those drinks that's super simple, but super potent.


Mojito Slushie

Rock out with this Mojito Slushie if you want to taste one of the freshest icy rum cocktails on the planet.


Alien Shooter

The aliens come in peace, so don't shoot!

Trending Drinks

Green Tea Shot

Go green with this Irish whiskey shot! Even though this Green Tea Shot doesn't actually contain green tea, it still somehow tastes as if it does.


420 Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice

Get litty with this tropical melon rum punch recipe!


Pink Panty Dropper Punch

This beerified vodka lemonade will have you holding on to your panties. So grab a glass and sip on this perfect pink vodka punch recipe.


Toilet Water

This berry vodka mixed drink is way tastier than the name suggests. Hydrate while you drink by combining vodka, Triple Sec, Mixed Berry Powerade, and lemon lime soda.


Blue Lagoon

This luscious-tasting lagoon cocktail combines vodka, Blue Curaçao, lemonade, and lime juice.


Taste the Rainbow

Taste the rainbow with this colorful fruity layered vodka cocktail recipe.


Captain on Acid Shot

Whip up one or a few of these layered coconut rum shots. With pineapple juice, grenadine, and blue curacao, it’s one colorful shooter recipe.


Jamaican Rum Punch

This classic rum punch recipe is heavy on the punch with three types of rum, tropical fruit juices, and a splash of grenadine.



This classic tropical cocktail will have you feeling like its namesake with three types of rum, apricot brandy, pineapple and citrus juice, and a touch of grenadine.


Miami Vice

With one side a strawberry daiquiri and the other a creamy pina colada, you can have the best of both worlds with this 2-in-1 fruity frozen cocktail.